Rainy Days and Real Estate

What’s a REALTOR to do on a rainy day in California? We don’t get much rain in Southern California, but when we do it pours! Days like that can make it hard to get into the office and go to work. And once you get there, what the heck do you do?

Whether you choose to go into the office or stay home on rainy days, don’t let the day pass without doing a few activities for your business. At the end of the day, you’ll be glad you did.

Photo of real estate agent working at their desk.

Here are my Top 10 Rainy Day Ideas for Realtors:

      1. Make a minimum of 10 prospecting calls

      Call your sphere of influence (SOI) to see how they’re doing. Ask how the rain is affecting them and their family.

        2. Update your Client Relationship Management System (CRM)

        Rainy days are a perfect day to update your client database. Add their birthdays, anniversaries, spouse’s name, pet’s names….. Make sure to add the anniversary date of their home purchase. Our Century 21 Discovery agents have a CRM tool through MoxiWorks and have the ability to send email through that system which allows them to see who is actually opening the email.

        3. Write and mail a minimum of 10 notes

        Sending a handwritten note to people in your database is a nice touch and a great way to stay top of mind.

        4. Update your online profiles and bio

        Make sure all your online and social media profiles and bios are up-to-date. Update your profile photo and any certifications or awards you have received. Have you claimed your Realtor.Com profile? Claim it and update your profile by adding your photo, contact information and any additional relevant information.

        5. Set up an email campaign

        If you use a CRM, it probably has the capability to set up an email drip-campaign for your database. (See No. 2) These are a great way to remind them that you are in real estate. Even on rainy days!

        6. Review the active listings in the MLS for your city of choice

        You want to stay on top of the market activity and the best way to do that is to review the listings in your market regularly. Educate yourself to have intelligent conversations about the market, because you know you’ll be asked.

        7. Set appointments to show property

        Are you working with Buyers? By reviewing the active MLS listings daily (see No. 6) you will know what’s new to the market and can schedule a tour for your Buyers.

        8. Schedule an Open House

        No listings? Ask an agent with a listing if you can hold an Open House for them. Once you have it scheduled in the MLS make sure you post it on social media. Also, invite the neighbors to your Open House. Maybe they know someone who would love to live in their neighborhood. Ask them!

        9. Write a blog post

        If writing is your thing, write a blog post. Don’t have a blog? Ask a real estate blogger if you can write a guest post on their blog.

        10. Subscribe and listen to our podcast

          For more tips and education about your real estate career, subscribe to our podcast “Discover Your Real Estate Career”

          Implement some of these ideas to stay focused on your business on those rainy days when you’d rather stay in bed and watch Netflix.

          Joe Lins

          About the author: Joe Lins is President, CEO and Co-owner of CENTURY 21 Discovery. If you are interested in becoming part of the CENTURY 21 Discovery team or would like more information about our services, training and coaching we provide, contact Joe at 714.626.2069.


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